Welcome to your First Visit


At Fort Lee Orthodontics we are always excited to welcome new patients into our “orthodontic family.” In fact, many of our “new family members” were referred to our office by existing and previous patients. We work very hard to maintain the level of satisfaction that keeps our patients sending their friends and family to see us.

At your first visit you’ll be greeted by our Treatment Coordinator. The TC will stay with you throughout your first visit, helping you to understand your orthodontic needs and the various solutions available.

After working with you to determine your chief concerns and gathering the necessary information to provide a thorough diagnosis, the TC will bring in the doctor for an orthodontic examination. The doctor will be able to describe any orthodontic problems that may exist and also provide solutions to those problems. Our philosophy is that no one solution will work for everyone; personality, preference, and other factors that make us unique individuals must always be taken into account when considering proper treatment plans. We firmly believe that an educated parent or patient is a necessary part of a successful orthodontic treatment.

After the doctor has answered all your questions, the TC can help you schedule appointments, make financial arrangements and answer any remaining questions.

Of course, no first visit would be complete without a tour of our facility. And we encourage you to interact with our existing patients. There are no better ambassadors for our practice than our patients.

Download our forms for you first visit